Kim kardashian criticized as she wore ‘om earrings’ which is a symbol of hinduism.

Does religion or sacred symbols are now been used as a fashion sense?

Or else is this a publicity stunt through which can catch eyes of many?

Logic no.1

This is not first time when lines are crossed through religion sentiments and emotions, which is used to grab an attention of huge audience, we know that ‘glamour world is full of glamour’ but only when audience of people are attracted by it’s glamour and as due to this pandemic it has been a difficult task for glamour industry to catch their attention as most of people are quite busy by either financial or health related issues so as for brand promotion such techniques are been used.

Logic no. 2

Earlier also ‘Kim kardashian’ was spotted with so called ‘maang teeka’ an indian term, which indicates the ornament or symbol of sacred married woman, and this time too it’s an indian ancient lord shiva’s symbol om, so can it be that kim had been finding interest in hinduism, does she had been influenced by indian culture as she is having large fan base from india.

What’s your point of view, please tell us in comments….

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